Who Are We?

Rabbi Mendy and Chaya Cheruty met Ruth Ort in South Beach Florida and joined forces in many projects. Along the way, a matchmaking project was started. There were a lot of Jewish singles in Miami, and a good number of singles joined. We knew we needed larger numbers in order to be more successful, so we started this website to respond to the need.


Our Goal

We want to introduce Jewish singles who are looking for alternative ways to meet people other than Internet dating and bars. Our singles are tired of "just dating”. They earnestly want to meet their soul mate and get married. Our singles want to know about the other person  before the first meeting, and  want an atmosphere that is personalized and confidential. In a world where there are so many people, there is a great distance between people. Many suffer from loneliness and the frustration of not knowing where to begin finding their soul mate. We are going to make every effort to help you.


Where To Begin 

Click Here to fill out the application online. We realize that it is fairly long and detailed, but we really want to get to know who you are.

All the information is strictly confidential and only viewed by Rabbi Mendy and Ruth. Remember that your match is also answering these questions. All the information you provide is a helpful guide for us in making a match. We need you to send two recent photos, ones that really presents a good picture of you. We prefer a ¾ or full-length photo. Please also include two references. Once you send us this information, you may be called to clarify some of your answers. 

If you have trouble filling out the application, or if you prefer to have us fill it out, please contact us. We will be happy to write down your responses, because we are here to work with you. 

How can we do this? Well, Ruth is retired and is now dedicating all her time to this project. It is that important. We have only one request: that we dance at your wedding.



We Always Welcome Requests for Information and Feedback.Contact Us.