Sampling of the Single Ladies

 No Age Location Affiliation Religious Status Marital Status About Seeking
 108 36 South Florida, would relocate Modern Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva Never married Tall, slim attractive educated professional lady Would relocate
 306 25 Aventura, FL Modern Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva Never married Attractive blonde teacher from Boston  
 109 28 Miami, FL Modern Orthodox Frum from birth Never married Attractive health professional Seeks professional man, would relocate
 110 50 Houston, TX Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva Divorced with grown sons Attractive business woman from South America Seeks orthodox gentleman
 308 20 Miami Beach, FL Orthodox Ger Never married Attractive tall slender young lady Seeks Ba'al Tshuvah or Ger
 111 38 Aventura, FL Traditional  Traditional Never married Very attractive lady from Paris, professional Seeks traditonal professional gentleman 
 112 33 Sunny Isles, FL  Traditional  Traditional Never married   Very attractive Israeli American lady. Health proffesional Seeks traditonal man who speaks Hebrew
 113  55 Miami Beach, FL     Divorced with grown sons Attractive Yemenite-American Traditional artistic lady  Seeks traditonal gentleman who might like to live abroab in Europe 
 114  59  Parkland, FL  Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva Divorced with two grown children   Petite attractive executive  Seeks Orthodox man to live in South Florida
 115  36  Aventura, FL  Traditional  Israeli-American   Divorced with young daughter Attractive, very outgoing teacher  Seeks Traditional professional man 
116   63   Reform    Widow  Active petite Seeks Jewish man 
 117  70   Boca Raton, FL and Long Island, NY Orthodox  Frum from birth Widow with grown children Attractive, works part time as a social worker Seeks orthodox gentleman 
 118  56 Sunny Isles, FL   Traditional    Divorced with two grown children  Extremly attractive Isreali business woman with a wonderful personality Seeks Traditional gentleman
 119  54  Miami, FL Orthodox    Divorced with daughter  Very feminine, outgoing, positive, cheerful, wonderful lady  
 130  56  New York, NY  Conservative Jew.    Divorced, one son in college

 Works as an administrator
5'8", slender.

 120  68  Sunny Isles, FL Traditional Observance     Widow  Tall, slim and blonde In sales  
 121  55  Plantation, FL Traditional Observance     Divorced with two sons  Teacher, Average build  
 122  60  Pembroke Pines, FL  Conservative Observance    One grown daughter Outgoing petite woman, works in business area  
 123  41  Rome, Italy Traditional    Ger  Never married Attractive business manager    Will relocate
 124  24  Pittsburgh, PA  Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva    Average build, attending school in area of health care  Will relocate
 125  50  Lake Worth, FL  Conservative Observance    Never married  Very active lady. Works as a credit manager  
 126  28  New York, NY  Modern Orthodox Ba'al Tshuvah  Never married  Attractive Russian studying finance Would relocate


 41 Hollywood, FL   Reform    Never married  petite professional lady

 A family