Sampling of the Single Gentleman

Religious Status
Marital Status
 221 41 Florida   Ba'al Tshuva Never married Attractive, Israeli business man Traditional Jewish lady
 222 79 Bal Harbor, FL and New York, NY Modern Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva Widow with grown childen Succesfull business man, still active in his business  Seeks traditonal widow who will relocate
 223 53 Hallendale, FL Orthodox   Divorced with one son Good looking Israeli- American man Seeks traditional lady. Prefers to stay in South FL
 224 39 Hollywood, FL   Ba'al Tshuva Never married Charming Isreali-American technician  
 225 25 Bal Harbor, FL Orthodox Frum from birth Never married Handsome educated professional Seeks orthodox woman
 226 40 Miami Beach, FL Orthodox  Ba'al Tshuva Divorced, one child Good looking business man Seeks Ba'al Tshuva 
 227 71 Miami Beach, FL and New York, NY  Modern Orthodoax   Divorced Distinguished European American business man, retired Seeks modern orthodox lady
 228 51 West Florida and New York    Ba'al Tshuva Never married Distinguished physician Wants to have a wife and children. Seeks educated lady
 229  38  Miami Beach, FL  Orthodox   Never married Responsible, stable gentleman   Seeks Orthodox lady and prefers to remain in FL
 230  58  North Miami Beach, FL  Orthodox    Divorced with children Attractive gentleman, manages resturaunt Seeks petite attractive orthodox lady
 231  46  North Miami Beach, FL Conservadox   Never married Good looking, professional man Prefers to stay in FL area, wants children
 232  43   Long Island Traditional   Divorced Handsome successful businessman, from Iran Wants to have children
 234 53  Pembroke Pines, FL  Traditional    Never married  Nice looking gentleman with a responsible job  
 233 39  South FL Reform    Never married  Nice looking gentleman who owns his own business Prefers to remain in FL
 235 37  Miami Beach, FL  Orthodox    Never married

 Successful business man

Prefers to remain in Miami Beach
 236 55  Isreal Modern Orthodox   Divorced  Nie looking Isreali business man Seeks Modern Orthodox wife
 237  45  Brooklyn, NY Orthodox    Never married  Isreali Kohen, has Smicha Seeks orthodox lady 38 years or younger
 238  54    Orthodox  Ba'al Tshuva Divorced professional, gentleman Seeks wife and wants to start a family
 239  39  Brooklyn, NY Orthodox     Technical instructor  Seeks orthodox wife age 20-37 for family
 240  52  Alabama  Orthodox Ba'al Tshuva  Divorced Dentist in Army  Seeks Jewish wife
 241  47  Delray Beach, FL  Modern Orthodox  Kohain  Never married  Handsome tall chef  Wants a family
 242  48  Aventura, FL Conservative      Works as a property manager Seriously seeking a wife
 243  34 Hollywood, FL   Modern Orthodox    Never married  Very handsome man. Works in corporate accounting. 5"10, slim  
 244 42 Hollywood, FL Traditional   Never married Good looking with College degree Would relocate
 245 41 Florida   Ba'al Tshuva   Quiet, nice looking accountant Would like to live in FL
 246 24 Kansas Traditional     Good looking man, finishing his duty in Iraq as a linguist Wants wife and family